How to Replace a Window

Window Replacement Virgina

Replacement Windows VA Services help homeowners install new windows so that the new window will provide seasonal comfort and a perfect view. The new window should be installed to fit properly in the original window opening. Your window replacement service will inspect and measure the window to help you decide which type of frame is appropriate for your needs.

Window replacement Virginia

Three types of replacement windows:

  • Sash Kits: These windows give an old window frame new movable parts, including the jamb liners and sash. The new liners are attached to the side jambs, and then the sash is slipped in between.
  • Full-frame kits: Includes the complete frame, including head jams, side jambs, and sill. This frame will be recommended it if the original frame is rotted or not square. The window opening must be stripped to the rough framing both inside and out.
  • Insert replacement windows: Slipped into the existing frame and then fastened to the original side jamb. The actual glass area of the window will be smaller than the area of the original window.

Preparation to install your windows begins with a measuring tape

The steps your installer will take to get the job done begin with measuring. As you watch your service work, this is what they are doing and why:

  • They will measure the inside width at three places across the top, middle, and bottom.  They will write down will be the smallest measurement.
  • They will measure the frames height from the top of the sill to the underside of the head jamb at the left, right, and center of the window. The smallest measurement is written down.
  • Finally they will check the square of the window by measuring diagonally from corner to corner at both sides. Both measurements should be equal. If of only a ¼ inch or so off square that is ok. But, if off by more than that your replacement service must install a full-frame replacement window.

If your replacement service advises you that your measurements are square and the window frame is not rotted they will advise you to install either a sash kit or to use insert replacement windows. If you decide to go with a sash kit, your service will gladly install if for you. Although, the process looks easy, their experience with will guarantee the job is done properly:

Step 1: Remove interior sash stops in the following order:  Lower sash, parting stop, and then upper sash with a pry bar. Scrape any paint or puddy away.

Step 2:  Install new jamb liners to the side jambs with screws or special clips.

Step 3: Install sash by angling one side against the side-liner, and then pressing the other side to the side-liner until it snaps into place.

After the window is secured in place, your service will caulk any gaps with elastomeric caulk.

If you are not particularly handy with home repairs and you want to get new windows installed, it is a good idea to hire a window replacement service to do the job for you so that you can enjoy your windows for years to come.


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